Welcome to Lodge Amalthea

Our lodge is a member of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria (UGLV), Australia. Though this website is open for anybody to read, it is designed for existing Freemasons in mind. (There are other websites that offer a lot more information for non-Freemasons about the world of Freemasonry).

Lodge Amalthea is a specialist Craft lodge. We provide a different experience to what is considered normal in other lodges. We do that by:

  1. Only tyling six times per year for regular meetings;

  2. Providing an interesting and informative schedule of events including experienced outside speakers;

  3. Conducting only one First Degree ceremony each year (with two candidates); and

  4. Holding the South in high quality catered venues around Melbourne, including the Melbourne and Athenaeum Clubs.

By adhering to these points, Lodge Amalthea meets its aim of becoming a place to extend the Craft experience for all Freemasons. Thus we have become a very popular second Craft lodge.

Please take a moment to review our annual Events Schedule. We recommend that you RSVP with the Secretary as some events do fill up very quickly.